Meat Magic – Official Grom Status!

February 22, 2010

I’d love to tell you about a little video production company called Meat magic, but instead, im going to copy and paste the info for one of their videos below.  In order for you to understand the write up, your going ot have to watch the video.  Good luck!

scott morrison is starting to film our custy asses and hes really good at it, while we edit a awesome episdoe full of hd shots, enjoy a glitchy digivid. kyle plowman, matt munn, and calvin inglis took time out of their greasy greaseweek to grease their way out to lake louise. Sometimes going out of your way to be a grom can increase your level of complete grom awareness, therefore, increasing your ability to be greeeeeeease. Also…skelledging for days.


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