Meat Magic – Matt Munn x Cody Burchell Hype

February 22, 2010

among this being the first meat magic with bowling, hd, and a rap song, cody burchell shows hes ready to emerge from grom status while jamming with his dogs matt munn, and james “caspian” agostinho. this is skelledge boarding from calgrease, airs, grinds, carves, you name it cody b can slick it with ease, other groms in this vid slick a couple things too including, a bike rack, a ghetto phone, plastic poles, a bleacher, and some olympic dream ski jump drops. does cody b have a classic quote for this hype vid?…”haha haha (holding a vodka and redbull mix) haha (smiles) matt munn is fucked. oh and also big shouts out to scotts uh… sony… vx900…420?” thanks scott, and thanks cody. ode to these slickers.


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