Reef Surf Update

September 27, 2009

Reef’s surfshreds have been hard at work this summer/fall. Ben Bourgeois and Mick Fanning both grabbed top podium spots recently (Ben @ the Hurley Outer Banks Pro on Wrightsville Beach, and Mick @ the ASPs Hurley Pro held at Trestles)



Ben grabbed $5000 for his aerial antics, while Mick charged at lightning speed to secure his second place seating in the ASP behind Joel Parkinson. Could a second world title be in the cards? We’ll see…



Rob Machado was also in the Mix at Trestles but was shutdown by the explosive surfing of Dane Reynolds. Rob’s comment on the loss…”I like surfing”…there you have it folks.


in other Reef randomness, Jay Thompson, Paul Fisher, and Reef team manager “Nutty” engaged in some surf tag at Jim Beam’s malibu event. I’m sure bourbon is a performance stimulant of some sort, at least Fish probably thinks so…



for more on the Reef team and their daily grind, click here

pray for waves!

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